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Study in Group

It is a comfort to some that studying with a company is quite effective. Because they will be able to have someone to ask on when they are confused on a topic. Group study aims to help one another in the group. This will be very effective if everyone is willing to participate and contribute for the betterment of the members in the group.

Study alone

Studying alone is effective to some. Because when we take our exam, there will be no one to depend on. Studying alone eliminates the idea of depending to others which in the actual event of taking the exam is what would happen. 

Which one is better?

If you preferred to study in group, try to spare some time in having a study time which you will conduct alone. Since, depending too much might end you blank in the exam. In the examination, there will be no one to depend on but yourself alone. Studying alone forces you to learn more and look for ways to be effective to it. Studying in group might speed the process of learning but the discipline should be observed as to never depend on the group.