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The Civil Service Exam is an exam of basic knowledge which is learned during grade school and high school. It does not require specialized knowledge like in college. That is why, even a high school graduate could take the exam.

It is a problem of many on what will be their reference on preparing the exam. In here, we will be listing down the concerns that everyone should be aware of upon taking the exam. 

Subjects or areas that is covered on the exam are:

1. Filipino and English
     - Vocabulary
     - Grammar and correct usage
     - Paragraph organization
     - Reading comprehension
     - Analogy

2. Logic and Numerical Reasoning

3. General Information (even the latest news in the country), Code and Ethical Conduct (RA 6713),  and Environmental Management & Protection

These are things that we should be concerned about. Number 1 and 2 items are things that we are already aware of during classes. But number 3 is a thing for reference study and additional research. General Information also needs special attention on the trending and latest news that are happening in the country. The code and Ethical conduct or RA 6713 is widely available online.