The most difficult part on taking the exam is not actually the exam itself, but during the review process. There are alot of references and uncertainties that you want to consider. Ofcourse, you do not want to take the exam again and again. Therefore, it should be just one take. 

The exam is time limited and no calculator to be used when solving for mathematics. If you are fast enough to solve the problems using paper then you will surely pass. The calculations are actually basic but time is your enemy. 

Reading comprehension on English subject will really burn your time. It is actually impractical to read the whole paragraph of the story to answer the questions underlying it. What I did was to look for the questions first then identify them immediately in the paragraph thru scanning every sentences and not actually reading. 

Just like any other subjects, speed on answering is the real test. The exam is quite easy if you study, but if you are slow in answering you could fail. 


Passing  the Civil Service Commission (CSC) exam is an eligibility test required by government offices for job applicants. It is conducted semi-annually to professionals and sub-professionals. 

The minimum requirement on taking the exam would be a highschool graduate.  
Passing the exam would boost your resume's competent credibility for employers to inspect. 

Being a passer of CSC would mean higher chance of getting employed in the government office to serve the country or your desired job. 


The Civil Service Exam is very basic yet very critical to take and pass. Students and young professionals would find it in mixed emotion upon experiencing the exam itself. In the Philippine Review Center (PRC), we will cover the TOP 5 tips/tricks that may help you prosper in your preparation for your exam. 

1.) Index Card / Post-it-Notes 

This is a very basic trick on how to easily remember things. It is a big help to use index card as a tool on summarizing your learning per subject. Especially in math, using index cards will allow you to easily access each formulas you need
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Post-it-Note is an alternative. Plus, you may post it anywhere in your room or any book to highlight those important details. 

2.) Practice the Basic Math operations (MDAS) manually

Since the exam will not allow you to use calculator, speed in mathematical solving is very critical. Practice multiplying manually, dividing, etc. will improve you and your probability to pass the exam. 

3.) Sleep Well, Eat Healthy, and Exercise 

Whether you like it or not, physical condition attributes to your mental potency during the exam. If you are tired due to lack of sleep, the probability of failing is high. Lack of sleep during study period would be difficult to retain the information you have taken. Eating well in the process of taking the review is a huge benefit not just for the body but also for the brain. Exercise activates the nerves which are the transmitters of information to our brain. 


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Technical Tips for the exam:

Since the exam forbids you to use a calculator, you better practice computing manually in a paper. Speed is an essential factor in the exam because it is time-limited. 

Here are some things you need to be careful about the exam:

1. Shade carefully; make sure to shade the circle of your choice wholly. 

2. Use the correct type of pencil; you may ask your teacher right now or other examinees who passed just recently to what type of pencil they used. 

3. Avoid erasures as much as possible

4. Do not skip an item; if you don't know the answer, you better shade a guess before proceeding to avoid an item unshaded.

It will be a machine who will check your paper, so you better be careful on the way you shade and the pencil you used. 


Mga Paniniwala or Superstitions on taking the Civil Service Exam knows no bound. But, there's no risk/loss if you follow it. 

1.) Wearing red underwear

The mystery of the lucky color red. Since you're not allowed to wear any colored shirt/pants during the exam, the only thing you could wear in a red color would be your underwear. Red has been very known for its attraction to luck. Thus, many people believe that luck is an essential characteristic on taking any sort of exams. 

2.) A coin inside your shoe 
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Placing a coin (piso) in your shoe or both shoes has been a practice of many. This is another sort of betting on luck. The coin placed in the shoe would be the lucky coin  on every decision/shading you do in the exam 

3.) Donating the pencil(s) after the exam 

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This is a superstition that is like a sign of you not taking the exam again because you already pass

These paniniwala are very easy to follow but holds no assurance or any guaranteed favor for you to pass the exam. These are things that soothes your confidence on taking the exam for you not to be nervous. When your calm and sure of yourself, with or without the presence of these superstitions, you will pass the exam in high probability. Ofcourse, study is a necessity on everything.  


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Review Centers actually does not hold any guarantee for students who will be taking the civil service  exam. But, it is a great tool for students or professionals who wants to be guided on what to study in preparing the examination.
The Civil Service Commission board, however, is against on review centers who are claiming to be accredited by them and is assuring their enrollees to pass the exam. CSC is warning the public against this for they do not accredit any establishemtns or institutions for their exams.


The Civil Service Exam is an exam of basic subjects. These are topics being discussed and learned in grade school and highschool. That is why it is not needed to hold a college degree to qualify in taking this type of exam. 
You do not need to enroll yourself in a review center if you are confident on your learnings on basic Mathematics, English and General Information (Science, Politics, etc.). Somehow, you will need to review an additional knowledge on the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standard RA6713, which is downloadable online. 

Complete Civil Service Reviewer 2019

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